Dora Futterman, Psy.D.

Whether you are two people who are considering stepping up your commitment to each other or a couple who has been together for decades, talking to a professional about your relationship can help you move forward in a positive way. I will talk with you about what you want to accomplish and customize my approach to help you avoid a crisis, get through a crisis, or get over a crisis.

Something may have happened to suddenly cause you to see that there are serious problems in your relationship. Sometimes, it is hard to know how even to get started. Talking to each other with the help and support of a professional may make it possible to talk constructively about something that is very upsetting.

Alternatively, you may have been unhappy for a long time. It may be a life changes that have caused you to grow apart, or it may be a lot of little things that are making you uneasy. If you have areas of dissatisfaction in your relationship, it can be extremely helpful to find a way to work through those areas rather than allowing irritations to accumulate into multi-layered resentments.

I will work with both of you to help you to find a way to gain greater clarity. On the way, depending on the issues, we will work together to increase your understanding of yourself and your partner; ultimately, the hope is that you will each feel more compassion for the other.

The first step is to call me at 925-640-8078 and express your hopes and concerns. I will confer with you, and, together, we will develop an approach that is helpful to both of you.